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Our Governor Prayer

Heavenly Father,

We seek your blessing and support in all the responsibilities we bear as Governors of this school.

May we reach our decisions prompted by a desire to serve.

Open our minds to the task at hand.

Open our ears to each other.

Open our hearts to your will.

Keep the children and staff and all who are part of St Gilbert’s family under your watchful eye, so that the purpose of our school may flourish for the good of all.



The Governing Body of St Gilbert’s operates a circle model of governance where the governing body works as a 'whole team' without any committees. Meetings are held every half term, or more if required. This means that Governors have up to date information regarding the school, and can offer timely support and challenge, as well as take action should the need arise.

Core Functions of Governance

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • Holding executive leaders to account for the educational performance of the organisation and its pupils, and the performance management of staff
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the organisation and making sure its money is well spent

The Role of Governors

Governors work on a voluntary basis to support the strategic leadership of the school. Governors typically serve for four years. To carry out their duties Governors have a number of delegated roles and responsibilities, these are shown below.


Our Governing Body is made up of 12 Governors: -

  • 2 Parent Governors
  • 1 Local Authority Governor
  • The Headteacher
  • 1 Staff Governor
  • 7 Foundation Governors

If you wish to contact Mr Matt Timings, Chair of Governors, please do so by contacting the Clerk to Governors Mrs Susan McArd either by email Clerk@pointon.lincs.sch.uk or Clerk to Governor, St Gilbert of Sempringham C of E Primary School, West Road, Pointon, Sleaford NG34 0NA.

Our Governors
Mr Matt Timings

Chair of Governors/Safeguarding Governor

Type of Governor: Parent Governor
Profession: Construction Estimator / Project Manager
Term of Office: 19 September 2023 - 18 September 2027

Mrs Sophie Foston

Interim Executive Headteacher

Type of Governor: Ex Officio
Profession: Headteacher
Date appointed: 1 September 2023

Miss Laura Craigie

Type of Governor: Staff
Profession: Teaching Assistant
Term of Office: 18 September 2023 - 17 September 2027

Mrs Laura Powell

Type of Governor: Parent
Profession: Chief Marketing Officer
Term of Office: 27 September 2021 - 26 September 2025

Mrs Janet Lambert

Type of Governor: Foundation
Profession: Agronomist (Retired)
Term of Office: 20 September 2022 – 19 September 2026

Mr David Spoors

Type of Governor: Local Authority
Profession: District Manager (Retired)
Term of Office: 04 October 2022 – 03 October 2026

Mrs Julie Wesley

Vice Chair of Governors

Type of Governor: Foundation
Profession: Teaching Assistant
Term of Office: 28 September 2021 - 27 September 2025

Mrs Sophie Campbell

Type of Governor: Foundation
Profession: Management Accountant (Education)
Term of Service: 6th November 2023 - 5th November 2027

Dr Shirley Spoors

Type of Governor: Foundation
Profession: Consultant Biochemist (retired)
Term of Service: 18th October 2023 - 17th October 2027