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Welcome to our EYFS Unit

Welcome to the St Gilbert of Sempringham C of E Primary School and Nursery EYFS Unit.

Our EYFS Unit comprises Nursery and Reception aged children (2-5 years old). There are two home bases, Hoglets and Hedgehogs.

Children start and end the day in these bases but throughout the day enjoy free flow between all of the rooms and the outside area.

The unit is run by teachers and Early Years Practitioners:

Mrs Hailey Markley: EYFS Leader and Class Teacher
Mrs Jade Tidwell: Early Years Practitioner
Miss Clare Fitzgerald: Early Years Practitioner
Mrs Kayleigh Timings: EYFS Teaching Assistant
Children at our core

We believe that children should be the leaders of their own learning. With this at our core, we plan for each individual child and for their own individual interests and needs. The environment is designed and delivered so all children can access and lead in their own learning opportunities and feel safe and secure in their choices.

The staff at St Gilberts Nursery work closely with each child and their parents/carers to understand fully the child and their next steps. Each child is individually planned for and staff encourage the children to embrace and follow their own interests.

We are a small setting and offer limited spaces to ensure we can give the nurture and care that all children should have and deserve to receive. This allows us to build excellent, strong and trusting relationships with all of the children we care for in a space that they can be themselves, have the time and support from their key grown ups and most of all feel, safe, looked after and valued. Being a small setting allows us to build superb relationships with parents and carers, we have the time to talk, listen and make sure that you are heard. We believe that caring for your child is an honour and a privilege and that it is one of the most important jobs you entrust another person to do. At St Gilberts we think of parents as our partners and believe that through working together we can achieve the best for your child.

We also offer forest school education on our unique forest school field. Jo from Bluebells and Toadstools joins us every Tuesday! Come rain or shine we put on our wellies and water proofs or our sun hats and cream and go and spend the morning out in the fresh air learning about nature, how to be safe outdoors and making lots of exciting crafts from natural resources. Our forest school field is a fantastic learning environment for the children. Other great activities at Forest School include den building, cave markers, exploration of the pond and roasting marshmallows on the fire.

St. Gilbert’s EYFS Unit provides high quality childcare and learning, focusing around the interests and needs of each individual child. Our ethos is based on the belief that every child deserves the best possible start in life and the support to fulfil their potential. A child's experience in the early years has a major impact on their future. A secure, safe and happy childhood is important for supporting them to thrive and develop. At St. Gilbert's we provide a caring and nurturing environment for children. We make the environment ‘as homely as possible’, this supports the children in feeling safe and secure with us.
Our Classrooms
Our Outside Area


Welcome to Hedgehog's Class
We are really excited to be welcoming your child into our Reception Class. Learning in the Early Years takes many forms and often involves getting messy! 
The children all had a fantastic time at our transition morning and had the opportunity to explore the inside and outside learning environments and meet the staff that will be working with them on a daily basis. 
Important information:
  • Label everything! Trying to sort out identical jumpers at the end of the day is incredibly difficult. If clothes are labelled it will make it so much easier. – Thank you
  • Please bring in a labelled pair of wellies
  • PE is on a Wednesday – Please send your child to school in their PE kit and ensure long hair is tied back and earrings are removed
  • We will be outside in all weathers so dress for the weather of the day
  • Please pack a change of underwear every day (Just in case) as children get very busy and excited often forgetting to go to the toilet until it is too late.
  • Remember to regularly check the school website/tapestry for updates
  • You can always email  any questions on class Dojo. 
Reading and Phonics
Developing a love of reading in children is a great way to encourage the development of many skills and enhances children's love for learning throughout their life. 
In class, we share many stories with children that interest them - anything from dinosaurs to princesses! 
From term 2, every Friday, your child can choose a book from our book shelf to take home. This is for you to share with your child, it is not for them to read. 
Below is a poster showing 50 suggested books to read to children in Reception. 
During phonics we will be using the 'Read Write Inc' scheme. This gives children a fantastic start to their reading journey. Each week we will upload the phonics sounds that your children have been learning, which shows how to pronounce each of the sounds so that you can support them at home. 
Please refer to the video links below which will provide you further details of how the 'Read, Write Inc' scheme supports reading development.