St. Gilbert of Sempringham C of E Primary School and Nursery

Courage and Perseverance Conquers All

Essex Skippers (Years 5 and 6)

Below is the music for the Tempest to learn at home.

The Tempest

Twelve Long Years Ago

Ding Dong

Miserable Monster

If you want to be a king

Let's all have a little drink

Washing Line

The time has come

It's over now

Click on the link below to find the music for Macbeth



Tough Stuff

Someone else's eyes

Out there


We're in the gang


Where's Kim


The convicts child

The criminals song

Here comes the judge

Who am I?

Charity rag

THat's life

There's a star

I want to go to the opera

Good Times

I want to be a lady


Happiness Somewhere



The children in Essex Skippers have been writing adverts which try to sell a holiday to ancient Rome.

Reece's advert

Maddie's advert

Lottie's advert

Lewis's advert

Kaitlyn's advert

George's advert

Ella's advert

Connor's advert

Berri's advert

Anna's advert

Cheyanna's advert

Madalin's Advert

Louis' Advert

Essex Skippers trying to dance

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Welcome back to years 5 and 6 to our new classroom, namely 'The Hall', which will be our new home until the new build is complete sometime Spring 2017.   We are now known as the Essex Skippers and face a busy year ahead of us.


Cha cha slide.mp4

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Class 3 Gangnam Style

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Class 3 Macarena

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Welcome to the Class 3 Page!



Science insulation investigation

Bikability 2015 Years 5 and 6

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Bikability 2015 Years 5 and 6